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Brick Front DeskForked River / Manahawkin Front DeskMedical Assistants (732) 840-7500

Employee Position Phone Ext. E-mail
Administration (732) 840-7500
Kathy Moss Practice Administrator 139 [email protected]
Heather Romano Office Manager Lacey & Manahawkin 201 [email protected]
Brick Support Staff (732) 840-7500
Arlene Mcatee WCA 117 [email protected]
Barbara Larsen Legal and Medical Records 113 [email protected]
Tina Marino Scheduling Dept. 141 [email protected]
Debbie Holden Transcription 156 [email protected]
Eileen Scarpa MVA 114 [email protected]
Emily Carroll Business Operations 155 [email protected]
Gina Soto IT and Business Operations 115 [email protected]
Ginger Campana WCA 122 [email protected]
Janet Card Scheduling Coordinator 154 [email protected]
Jenna Iturralde Authorizations 160 [email protected]
Katie Ridge Authorizations 180 [email protected]
Jeffrey Keeler Authorizations 128 [email protected]
Lauren Dishler Scheduling Dept. 143 [email protected]
Penny Ludovico Billing Appeals 137 [email protected]
Christine Flaherty DME Coordinator 121 [email protected]
Beverly Cenci Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Jenna Heffern Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Kristen Graham Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Melanie Chadwick Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Tammy Jenks Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Tanya Leffler Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Ashley Nicoles Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Casey Forcella Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Dawn Marie Donato Front Desk Staff 111/112/145/157 [email protected]
Freehold Front Desk
Amy Schmeideberg Front Desk Staff 182/183 [email protected]
Megan Cahill Front Desk Staff 182/183 [email protected]
Mimi Kelleher Front Desk 174 [email protected]
Ashley Valeri White Plume Coordinator and Medical Assistant 146 [email protected]
Donna Labrutto Medical Assistant 142 [email protected]
Jill Fairweather Medical Assistant 125 [email protected]
Ralph Marsicano Medical Assistant 202 [email protected]
Lisa Watts Medical Assistant 202 [email protected]
Secretary/ Surgical Schedulers (732) 840-7500
Catie Bates Secretary/Surg Sched: LM and MW 206 [email protected]
Ceil Smith Secretary: JB, WL and DR 118 [email protected]
Jean Wallace Secretary / Surg Sched: REE and JP 144 [email protected]
Jennifer Geary Secretary/Surg Sched: BDS, JAN, TS 152 [email protected]
Kathy Moss Surgery Sched: Law 139 [email protected]
Pamela Pascale Secretary/Surg Sched: BK, Surg Sched: DR 130 [email protected]
Sandi Delaney Secretary/Surg Sched: JM, JB and PA’s 119 [email protected]
Margie Maurceri Secretary/Surg Sched: SK and MN 136 [email protected]
Radiology (732) 840-7500
Cindy DePolo Technologist 127 [email protected]
Gina Harvey Technologist 127 [email protected]
Heather Romano Technologist 200 [email protected]
Katie Arthurs Technologist 127 [email protected]
Nicole Julien Technologist 127 [email protected]
Samantha Collins Technologist 127 [email protected]
Stephanie Helm Technologist 127 [email protected]
Vanessa Sharpe Technologist 127 [email protected]
Physical Therapy (732) 840-7500
Alison Mazzatelli Physical Therapist  
Christopher Kerscher Physical Therapist  
Eileen Kane Physical Therapist  
Elizabeth Conway Physical Therapist  
Erin McGovern Front Desk 150/151/153  
Maryann Dias Front Desk 150/151/153  
Rose Marie Burns Physical Therapist  

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