2017 Fall Newsletter

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Welcome To Our Healthy Back Summer Newsletter!

Back Pain can keep you from enjoying the upcoming hot temperatures and summertime activities. Read our tips below to get ready for Summer!

The approach of winter that seems to aggravate aches and pains, especially neck and back pain. Is it the just the ‘winter blues,’ or does colder weather really aggravate discomfort and pain in the spine and neck? Read on for more information.

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Every year over five million people visit orthopedic surgeons for knee-related injuries and problems that fall into one (or more) of the following four categories:

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5 Common Ice Hockey Injuries

Whether it’s a result of bad posture, an overuse injury, degeneration from aging, or trauma, neck pain can be rough. For some, pain may only last for a few hours, but for others it may linger for days. Chronic neck pain may continue for weeks, or even years.

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The perfect recipe for a tasty, hearty, roasted butternut squash soup! The squash is cut in half and roasted in the the oven without peeling. This makes for a delectable flavor and easy removal of the roasted skin

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