Bone Fragility Assessment and Treatment

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Brielle Orthopedics is now offering Bone Fragility Assessment and Treatment

Let’s prevent tomorrow’s fractures today, with a future fracture risk assessment, dietary recommendations, exercise and fall prevention education!

Who should make an appointment for Bone Fragility Assessment/Osteoporosis Evaluation?

Brielle Orthopedic patients who have had a recent fracture that may indicate a bone fragility problem with a possible risk of a future fracture as high as 86% may be referred to Vicki DeNoia, APN for a Bone Fragility Assessment and Treatment. Vicki DeNoia, our Nurse Practitioner, specializes in Osteoporosis and other causes of bone fragility.

The benefits of this evaluation will include:

  • Future fracture risk assessment
  • Determine if you have Osteoporosis or another cause of bone fragility
  • Dietary recommendations, including calcium and Vitamin D
  • Education for exercise and fall prevention to help minimize risk of future fractures

Patients may schedule an appointment while at our office visiting their Orthopedic Doctor or contact us at 732-840-7500 to make appointment for an Osteoporosis evaluation with Vicki DeNoia, Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Osteoporosis and other causes of bone fragility.

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