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Our feet help keep our lives active by enabling us to walk, run, jump and participate in a variety of other activities that require motion.

ill_podiatristIf you are experiencing foot and ankle pain, or are suffering from a chronic foot problem, you deserve relief from your symptoms. Brielle Orthopedics is a premier practice specializing in foot and ankle care. We offer new and alternative treatments, which provide long-term relief from foot pain. There are a variety of disorders that can affect the feet, and the trained specialists at Brielle have the experience and expertise necessary to treat these disorders through diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical treatments.

If you are looking for alternative solutions to your foot pain, or are considering surgery call Brielle Orthopedics – “The ‘shore’ choice for exceptional health care” to learn more about your treatment options. Imagine your life without foot pain!

Symptoms and Injuries – Foot and Ankle

Our foot alone contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. Walking puts up to one and a half times your bodyweight on your feet, making injuries of the foot amongst the most common in the body. The physicians at Brielle Orthopedics are dedicated to treating all the problems pertaining to your foot, toes, and ankle to assist in getting you back into action, pain-free.

To learn more about the symptoms and injuries related to this section click below.

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