Fracture Care

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Foot and Ankle – Fracture Care

Fractures (broken bones) occur when bone is not strong enough to sustain the force exerted on it. Because the ankle and foot support the body during most day-to-day activities, and because the foot in particular contains very small bones, fractures in these areas are common. The four most frequent types of fractures are complete, incomplete, compound and simple. In a complete fracture the bone breaks all the way through into two or more parts, while in an incomplete fracture it does not break all the way through. A compound fracture occurs when the bone breaks through the skin, and a simple fracture happens when there is no open wound.

There are a variety of treatments for fractures based on their severity. Following diagnosis, treatment can involve rest, cold therapy, compression and elevation, as well as immobilization using casts or splints and prescription pain and anti-inflammatory medications. For some fractures, surgery may be needed to repair the broken bones along with other injuries like soft-tissue damage.

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