Non-Operative Spine

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What is non-operative care?

ill_nonopCare for injuries and illnesses that affect that spine can be surgical or non-operative. At Brielle Orthopedics we provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of spinal conditions using non-operative approaches. Our specialist in non-operative spine care provides the most medically and technologically advanced treatment options including electrodiagnostic testing, joint injections, and minimally invasive procedures.

If you are not a candidate for surgery, there are still ways that you can control your pain and improve function. Brielle Orthopedics is dedicated to helping all patients explore their treatment options, to find the treatment that is right for them. It is important for patients to know that there may not always be a complete cure for their condition, but there are ways to reduce the symptoms. Changes in behavior and lifestyle are also an important part of developing a successful treatment plan.

Specialists in Electrodiagnostic Testing

The spine is a key location for the nervous system to transmit signals back and forth from the extremities to the brain. When damage occurs to this system it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which nerves and muscles are affected so they can be accurately treated. At Brielle Orthopedics our physiatrist is trained in Electrodiagnostic Testing techniques to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal spinal disorders.

Symptoms and Injuries – Spine/Back

The spine is the central support system of the body. With 33 vertebrae separated into five different sections, the conditions that affect the spine can range from simple to complex. Brielle Orthopedics is dedicated to treating a variety of spinal conditions affecting the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of the spine.

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