After injuring my foot from an eight Foot Fall, Dr. Polowczyk and the entire down stairs treated me for nearly none months. Personal calls from Dr. P and the staff at home to monitor my progress this event made my accident easier to handle. Words just can not express my gratitude for all the work and personal care that was given to me. Thanks to all.

Kenneth N.
For Dr. Polowczyk

I have put off having knee replacements for three years. After seeing a number of doctors I mad an appointment with Dr. Rodricks. Jan 2, 2012 I had double knee replacement with one of the best doctors I have ever met. I would still be in pain if it was not for him. I am 46 years old and I am getting my life back.

Donna Marie Trimboli
For Dr. Rodricks

Consider Brielle Orthopedics to be among the best. The entire staff was most considerate, helpful and professional. This was my second knee replacement. The right knee was replaced 11 years ago (from arthritis). The left knee was replaced (5/27/12) also due to arthritis. Of course there is much medical advancement since the first knee. Both the replacement and rehab are a total success!

Paul Funk, Jr
For Dr. Rodricks

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