World Osteoporosis Day

October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day!

Love Your Bones – Protect Your Future!

The International Osteoporosis Foundation Launches the annual year long campaign to raise global awareness to stress the importance of:

  • Preventing Osteoporosis
  • Diagnosis Osteoporosis
  • Treating Osteoporosis

Calling on all health professionals & health authorities to address the osteoporosis care gap and take action!
Ensure those at high risk for fractures are tested and treated for osteoporosis…

Shocking Fact… less than 10 percent of older women (and Men) worldwide who fracture will receive osteoporosis
treatment — not much better in the U.S. — Less than 20 percent!

Visit for more information!

Protect yourself against Osteoporosis and Fractures!

Download Osteoporosis Day Powerpoint Slideshow

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